More Holiday Sales

Dec 11 2008 4:00P-10pm
Dec 21 2008


MOKSHA Relauch Party!!

Moksha clothing has been a great member of the Seattle community for the past 5 years. Come join the relaunch featuring new works by local art, dj's, clothing and more. Not to mention my feathers seen above!

Urban Art Network

Urban Art Network is pleased to announce the First Thursday Holiday Show!!
(an indoor event at the Cleaners in Ace Hotel)

Urban Art Network has a seven year history of outdoor events in the Pearl District. The highly visible, three block, "Street Gallery", on NW 13th street runs from April through November on First Thursdays. Approximately 100 Artists gather, display, and market their work in an extremely successful and organized venue.

This year, 25 of the Street Gallery Artists will move indoors to the Cleaners, at the Ace Hotel on 10th and Stark. This indoor event will share the vibrancy and visibility of our outdoor event. The event time and date is; Thursday, December 4, 2008 from 5:00pm – 10:00pm.

The Artists will include painters, photographers, sculptors, printmakers, illustrators, glass and ceramic artists, fashion and jewelry designers.

Participating Artists with Websites:

Jennifer Kapnek www.jenniferkapnek.com
Ryan Birkland
Angela Dawn www.angeladawnphoto.com
Steve Matthews
Brenda Dunn
Michelle Purvis
Chuck Bloom
Misha Ashton
Thomas Hooker
Lolobelle Designs: Jill Trinchero
Morgan Madison
Hello Moon: Rick Bain
Carye Bye
Sarah Landwehr
Against the Grain: Malachi and Joel
Bella Sisters: Cynthia Lucas


california dream-n

stealing beauty

The Windby: Donovan Galway
What is this magical wind that holds such wondrous powers that it can so effortlessly whisk me away from all that is dry and tedious and land me in this place where all things are of beauty and laughter and song and only the happiest of sensations resides?

    What is this magical wind that can in an instant transform the world around me into a haven of love and passion where ne'er is felt a thought harsh or cross but only boundless and such requited love abides and all hearts are light as a midday dream as so this wind hath led my heart to be?

    What can this wind be to bring me in an instant all the warmth and contentment that those unknown to the wind spend lifetimes in fruitless search of and show to only me the future that is an eternity of fulfillment of all my deepest desires?

    What force this wind that doth by its magical breath blow into me a passion and a love that hath outlet and aim on one so fair and radiant as to loft me to heavenlyr eaches and touch an angel with love felt by me and by my angel for me in absolute balance and perfection of hearts and of kindred souls?

    What is this magical wind, my love, but a thought of you.

Logan Neitzel Designs